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201 Monsignor O'Brien Highway, Cambridge, MA

Open Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm

Antique shopping or thrifting is not something I do a lot of, but I do enjoy it once in a while, especially when it's an outlet!

The Cambridge Antique Market is not an outlet, although with five floors of antiques, it's certainly got plenty to choose from. Having been there more than a couple of times before, I thought it would make for a perfect summer afternoon excursion with Ana and Alaina.

A few hours and dust-covered fingers later, we came away with a couple of scarves, a poster, some glass jars and a few tiny treasures, not to mention an appetite for pastries (but that's for a separate post)!

Here, an afternoon of thrifting.

The perfect time to visit the Lotus Temple was at sunset, a sight beautiful to see.

It is open to all visitors, of all religions, which is the basis of Bahai faith, making it simply a house of worship; a place of prayer and meditation.

The temple is made of marble, cemet and sand and was finished in 1986, designed by Persian architect Fariborz Sahba, and took 800 engineers and artisans and 10 years to complete.

Shoes have to be taken off and photography is not allowed inside the temple, but there is enough beauty in it's incredible structure and surroundings to take in.

One of the first stops of sites seen was the Qutab Minar, a 72.5 meter tall tower, made in 1192 of sandstone and marble. A World Heritage Site having survived lightning storms and the test of time, the Qutab Minar has remained an impressive structure of unique and beautiful Islamic design.

They no longer allow people to climb up it and it's already begining to lean, but I'm not the first to notice, apparently, it started to lean shortly after it was built.

Here is a journey through the Qutab all its ancient Mughal glory.