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Location: 309 Spadina Avenue, Toronto

Cost: $25 for 3 (with one split entree)

I've got a serious case of the sleepies as I type this 'cause I've just eaten at Swatow. General Tso wouldn't be proud...but it doesn't really matter because it's not the 1800s and I've only just had his namesake in chicken.

At $12.50, we assumed that the General Tso Chicken would be a large platter fit for two to share. Good thing I wasn't too hungry! I know my friend who shared the dish with me was just being polite and waited until I urged him to finish the rest.

We both agreed that the dried red chillies in the dish were hoooo-ooot!

A steamed rice cost an additional $1.60.

My other friend dined on the Assorted Meats with Vegetables on Rice for only $6.25!!! And his plate was heaped with assortment!

The restaurant is tiny and brightly lit! And there was a line-up after we sat down. Definitely a busy spot for lunch.

While the food is tasty, I still much prefer Spadina Garden and House of Gourmet where I know I can count on going home with more to eat later!

Still, everyone who passed by when I was trying to capture the exterior (and this is the second shot), craned their necks for a fleeting glance at the menu!

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