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I Love Sushi


494 Queen St. West, Toronto

Cost: $34 - 44 per platter (61-64 pieces)

Contrary to this post's title, I don't love sushi. I opt for it only when I get crazy pregnant-woman cravings. I am also not pregnant.

However, when you're working late and the options are pizza or sushi. And you're lactose-intolerant and you don't feel like grease, sushi sounds mighty good.

I Love Sushi is very popular at work and cheaper than most sushi places and for the value, it certainly isn't bad take-out (I've never eaten at the restaurant). They have a kick-ass website too.

Our company ordered a couple of platters - one veggie and one seafood, a couple of tofu salads ($3.50) and a couple of containers of edamame (boiled soy beans with salt - $3.95).

The platters arrive full, I just couldn't manage to capture a shot before everyone jumped in on the rolls!

The seafood platter.

The veggie platter.

The tofu salad, which was really, really delicious; the tofu was smooth and flavourful, the lettuce (albeit iceberg) was crispy and fresh.

And edamame is always a yummy snack.

I've had good sushi experiences at Ichiban Sushi, Ho Su, Sushi on Bloor and Kuni Sushi Ya in Baldwin, but I'd definitely like to try the more upscale sushi bars like Blowfish, Sushi Train (conveyor-belt sushi) and Hiro, but as I said, sushi definitely isn't my forte, so you'll have to tell me what's best.

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