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Le Gourmand's TWITTER deal!

Le Gourmand's TWITTER page claims:

"Buy a cookie get a free coffee this afternoon...Twitter followers only. Please RT about 3 hours ago via web"

After tweeting this on my Twitter:

@legourmandTO Do I get a free cookie for blogging about you since 2007?

Le G responded:


But of course....and thank you!!! 4:34 PM Sep 28th

So I went in today to claim my free cookie, but the lovely ladies behind the counter knew of no such Twitter page!

Which made me suspicious, so to clarify I talked to the manager there, and he said there's no correlation between their person who Tweets and himself, so even though I DID get my free cookie today,  the lady ahead of me in line did not get her free coffee that they claimed they'd give out, which is a shame because the woman bought four cookies!

Come on Le Gourmand, you guys should stick to your Tweet.  Implement a confirmation number or some such if you want to continue this Twitter deal!


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