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BCBG + Libby

I went to the Petite Feet Sample Sale today, VIP day, and although I really wanted some colour block shoes, there wasn't a great selection of the summer/fall styles I've been eyeing online.  I did however, score myself a gorgeous pair of Libby Edelmans which are from her Fall 2011 collection, in a beautiful grey flannel with silver studs and a lovely silver heel. I adore the Tiffany blue colour and detailing inside the shoe. I also wanted a pair of shiny pumps for wedding season coming up this Spring/Summer, so I found a pair of cute open-toed BCBG pumps in a croc silver finish. Nothing like shopping at DSW, but not too shabby at $50 each, and I love that the Libby Edelman's won't be available until later this year.  It's always fun to see women carrying buckets FULL of shoes to the check-out counter...I did the same two years ago, but this year, I wasn't as impressed.  

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