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Thomas Sabo Bracelet + Charms

Sorry for being MIA, but I just moved from Toronto to Boston and things have been hectic to say the least.

As a going away present, my lovely girlfriends got together and secretly planned to buy me a Thomas Sabo Charm bracelet along with individual Thomas Sabo charms and some from Swarovski!  Stunning.  When they presented each charm to me, I was to guess which charm came from which friend. 

Thomas Sabo bracelets are gorgeous and the charms are simply spectacular.  With such fine detail and brilliant colour and stones, they're little treasures you can wear alone or all together on the bracelet.

The Swarovski charms are beautiful little things, sparkly and sweet, exactly what any girl would love to have in her collection.

Ladies, wow!  I am truly touched.  It's something I will treasure forever.  Thank you so much.  I miss you!

(All photos taken by Alicia, thanks girl!)

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