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Boston: Blog Better Boston Style Summit

This past weekend was the Blog Better Boston Style Summit, a local blogging conference organzied by Amy and Alana and held here.

I was honored to be invited to host a discussion session on Instagram sharing 10 tips on How to Make your Instagrams Better and Finding Your Voice (Thank you Kait for this shot of me!).

I also enjoyed attending the style summit to hear the other speakers discuss topics such as working with brands, creating content calendars and media kits. 

It was so wonderful to meet bloggers in person (Kaitlin, Melissa, Georgina, the JustUsGals, Allie, Tieka, Julie, Emily, Alyssa, Susan, Brooke, Holly, Sheryl) and see others I hadn't seen in a while (Alison {who I accidentally called Amy during my sesh!}, Shauna, Alana, Amy, Emily, Kristen, Amanda, Surabhi, Noelle and Elissa)

If you missed my Instagram discussion, here's a recap:

10 tips on how to make your Instagrams better

  • Find your voice on Instagram by connecting and following others in the IG community
  • Hashtag so that people can find you!
  • ie: #igersboston (Instagrammers in Boston), #igers, #igdaily, #ignation etc., will allow you to connect with other IGs in Boston and around the world!
  • Take a genuine interest in others, and leave comments
  • Be visible, not just online (attend events such as Blog Better Boston and other blogger events)
  • Be passionate about your IGs, treat them as you would photos with a real film camera
  • Explore other apps to make your IGS better (ie. VSCOcam, Instasize and Afterglow)

There were a lot of sessions I wanted to go to, but alas, could only attend a handful, so here are some things I learned:

Working with Brands led by Kristen

  • know your stats using google analytics
  • a media kit is really important to introduce yourself
  • create a pitch and send to a brand you really like and identify with
  • know which posts are most read on your blog (most interaction/likes/views)
  • your time is valuable
  • follow up once you have worked with the brand/done a post

Creating a content calendar led by Julie:

  • identify your priorities
  • create a content calendar and schedule posts so that there is consistancy for your readers
  • use google calendar or even a paper calendar and pencil, whatever works for you
  • stick to a general theme and find your niche
  • save your great idea for when you have time

Creating a media kit led by Tieka:

  • a media kit is a pre-packaged set of promo material on YOU
  • selling yourself to give a brand a few facts on whether or not you are a good fit for them
  • include: about page, you and your blog, site stats, past brands/partnerships
  • what you can provide as a service (ie. sponsored blog post, giveaway, side bar ads, text links, be gifted products to review)

Here are just a few snap shots from the Style Summit, as I was mostly taking notes! For more #BBBos coverage, check out the Twitter feed, and for more photos and updates follow Blog Better Boston on Facebook.



Thank you Amy and Alana for having me, and for all the sponsored goodies!

Here's how you can join the next Blog Better Boston summit.

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