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Boston: MFA: Tracy Aiguier

Since moving to Boston last year and shooting at Boston Fashion Week, I've wanted to meet fashion photographer Tracy Aiguier, who I'd heard so much about. Yesterday, I was lucky to meet her at the Museum of Fine Arts for her fashion photography demonstration.

Tracy went through a series of four fashion shoots with models Sherika Pitsch and Nicole Hoehle, with  makeup and hair by Mariolga Pantazopoulos, and was assisted by photographer Feda Eid. All the looks sported were from the School of Fashion Design - we loved the LBD with the pockets designed by the model who sported the look herself!

Lighting techniques varied from soft boxes to a massive parabolic to some back lighting to enhance the clothing's texture and detail. Tracy also invited volunteers to come up and try their hand at a few shots (and with some persuading from Lei Ann, I did - thank you Lei Ann (on duty) for capturing me in action!)

It was so nice to hear Tracy speak about her love for fashion and photography, how some things have changed in the industry with the rise of digital formats (cameras, iPhones, Instagram), young people who shoot for free and how sometimes it doesn't matter how you get the shot as long as you get it, which is something I believe in, myself.

It was a terrific demo at the MFA, thanks Tracy! And it was nice to see some familiar faces like Jay Calderin, Eric Levin, and to hang out with friends Lei Ann, Nicolle and Helena.

Tracy Aiguier will be doing another fashion photography demo on Wednesday November 14 from 5:30pm-8pm at the Druker Family Pavilion, and if you're going to the MFA, be sure to check out the Mario Testino exhibit while you're there!

Jay Calderin takes a photo of the team for this.

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