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Boston: MiniLuxe

Above: Elizabeth in OPI's "Big Apple Red"

You've heard me rave about MiniLuxe before, but this time it was even more EPIC because I was with a group of lovely ladies organized by Janee, who I recently met and adore!

As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing better than spending a chilly winter evening in the warmth of MiniLuxe's spa-like atmosphere with a group of wonderful, smart and funny women, getting our nails did! Forget "selfie" as the word for 2013, I think it should be LADY DATE.

It was terrific to hang out with Janee, Elizabeth, Ana, Alaina, Molly and Emily. The proof is in the iPhone photos (this one below is from Alaina):

Of course we all selected varying shades of RED...'tis the season, afterall!

Above: Ana in OPI's Malaga Wine

Thank you once again to MiniLuxe for hosting all of us and for my lovely manicure.

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