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New York Fashion Week: Tracy Reese

I was invited to shoot the Tracy Reese show at New York Fashion Week and it was an incredible adrenaline rush!

The pit was packed. And although most of the photographers were friendly, there were some that could have been nicer.

One photographer was standing on his box which was on it's side. Hardcore. In fact, at one point I was even given a boost so that I could shoot from above. I was literally sitting on top of the backdrop at NYFW, y'all. Of course I was asked to come down, even though some of the photographers cheered me on and were telling me to hang on to the lighting rigs!

It was an awesome experience and not to mention such a fantastic show! Brightly coloured and lively! Orange and golds, and combinations to die for. Bowler hats, anyone? I'll take two.

Tracy Reese is the best. Thank you for the opportunity to capture your collection!

New York Fashion Week: SEEN: Bill Cunningham

New York Fashion Week: SEEN