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Inerja? Inraje? Inreja?


Went for Ethiopian food last week for the first time! Woo! That's some interesting flavours I must say. The spongey 'injera' looks a bit like south indian 'appam' and tastes like 'dosa'. How cool. Our first choice was Addis Ababa on Queen, which, to our dismay, was closed that day for renovations. Our second choice took us to Yonge and College on a quest to find The Ethiopian House Restaurant (finally finding it tucked away on Irwin St. just north of Wellesley), but it was worth it. The interior was cosy and the mango and guava juice luscious. Our veggie platter came lined with an injera 'pancake' and topped with seven veggie curries, salad, a small dish of spicy green sauce and a side of injera folded like a napkin. The use of fingers to eat is nothing new to me as indian food often requires the use of the hand as a utensil, but sharing a plate is not something I do everyday. It's not unlike sharing a plate of nachos or a bowl of popcorn though; you have to wait your turn. It was a pleasant experience and we were fully stuffed by the time we got to the injera at the bottom of the dish. I would have liked to have tried their chicken, but they only serve that as a lunch special which means we'll be going to Addis Ababa next time for their signature doro wat.






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