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Product: Dufflet Small Indulgences

Dufflet Pure & Sweet: Cranberries & Blueberries in Pure Dark Chocolate

Cost: $10.99

Everyone knows the name Dufflet. It's synonymous with heavenly baked goods. If you haven't had a cake, tart or pastry from Dufflet, then there's something horribly wrong with your life. And you don't have to visit a Dufflet store to buy the cakes (although, it is fun 'cause you get to buy miniature treats for yourself other people). Dufflet cakes are available at many grocery stores such as Loblaws, The Kitchen Table, Rabba's, Longo's and Grocery Gateway (online). For a full list, go here.

But the reason to go to a Dufflet store is so that you can buy 'small indulgences' like the one pictured here. Cranberries and blueberries drowned in pure dark Belgian chocolate! No artificial flavours...really. I looked.

I bought this tin at 25% off, which is still pricey, but worth it if you really want to indulge. Just have a little's better than, say, having a whole cake.

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