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What's cookin'?

Foodhogger has been rather busy sinking her teeth into many things other than (but also including) food and wants to let you know what's on the back burner.

New Orleans eats, Hawaii eats, San Francisco eats, Trinidad eats, and more Toronto eats such as: Lettuce Eatery, Thai Princess, Jodhpore Club, The Magic Oven, Lahore Tikka House, The Jason George, The Banknote, Flo's Diner, Gandhi's Roti, Astoria, Golden Thai, Bar Wellington, Harbord Fish & Chips, Cantine, Lemongrass Fine Thai & Vietnamese Cuisine, Hemmingways, The Healthy Greek, Island Foods, Coco Rice etc etc etc!!!


I should write more and eat less, non?


So, please stay tuned.

N'awlins: Cafe Du Monde's "BenYAYs"

Blue Mountain Bistro