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Blue Mountain Bistro


119 Spadina Avenue

Cost: $8-10 for lunch

I guess the 'jerk' in Jerk Chicken comes from the service at Blue Mountain Bistro.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me, but I used my friend's cell phone camera to capture these shots.

Our waitress was the lady on the right - as you can see she has her head in her hands...too many customers, perhaps?

No. Not really. Just one table of four at the far end and us. Still, it seemed we might have been a burden on her that day.

According to the menu, the Jerk Chicken Pita ($6.95 + tax) comes with fruit salad or salad. So I opted for the fruit salad. When our dishes arrived with a clatter on the table, our waitress announced that they didn't have fruits, so salad it was. (With a side of sliced canteloupe). The portions were quite hefty however.

And the chicken was quite spicy and flavourful and there was lots of it stuffed into the pita along with lettuce and tomatoes and some mystery sauce.

In my anticipation for the meal (read: hungry), I dropped my fork on the floor, only to receive an angry glare from our waitress when I asked for another one back at the counter. (She came by later to retrieve the fallen fork).

The final straw (for me) was when our oh-so-lovely waitress mixed up our bills and charged my friend $8.99 instead of $7.86 for his pita (the same thing I'd ordered). I pointed out the error in miscalculation but she defiantly claimed that it was $8.99..until she realized that was meant for for my other friend who'd ordered the Jerk Steak Sandwich (7.95 + tax) . I handed her a $20 for which she needed to go next door for change, during which the chef appeared. We expressed how much we enjoyed the sandwiches (they were tasty). Our waitress returned, apologizing for her mistake. I internally accepted it as an apology for the whole experience.

If it weren't for the terrible service and crazy-ass wait, BMB would actually be quite a nice place for a quick (and filling) lunch.

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