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265 Queen Street West, Toronto

Cost: $10-15 per entree

Trimurti is one of the other Indian restaurants on Queen street nestled somewhere in between Babur and Little India Restaurant AND India Palace (all of which I've eaten at, at some point or another).  This was my first time trying take-out at Trimurti (sitting in wasn't any better).

I ordered the chicken biryani ($10.95), which although tasty was a tad on the greasy side.  Lahore Tikka House's chicken biryani is still better (but nothing beats Mom's!).

The butter chicken ($11.50) came looking more red and tomatoe-y than buttery; and those who ordered it agreed that it wasn't the best they've had.  It's a huge quantity that arrives in the take-out container, and doesn't include rice, so be sure to get a separate order of rice ($2.95).

Someone else got a Mulligatany soup ($3.50).  The literal translation in Tamil for mulligatany is "pepper-water" but the variation at Trimurti was made with lentils and chicken, which was a bit strange.

The pakoras ($3.50) were overly greasy and not very flavourful.

Trimurti definitely has some competition being one of the three indian restaurants on Queen Street.  I'd say, opt for Little India Restaurant or India Palace (which are both very good) when trying to decide which Indian place to try on the busy South side of Queen Street.  Or better yet, save your taste-buds for the trip to to the East side and enjoy a veritable feast (albeit in a portable) at Lahore Tikka House.

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