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Plaza Flamingo


423 College Street, Toronto

Cost: $7.95 for the lunch buffet

Plaza Flamingo is one of those places you fall upon one day, having been there years before but have no recollection of the food. Ages ago, (at least 8 years) I remember dining with the whole family and watching a flamenco performance at Plaza Flamingo. It was highly entertaining as far as I can recall. The food, however, I could not bring back to mind.

So when we were searching for a place to dine for lunch on a bitterly cold day, not only did the "lunch buffet" clapboard stand out to us, but feelings of familiarity began to stir within me. Somehow Plaza Flamingo had seemed a lot further West when I was younger; not smack in the middle of busy College street near Bathurst.

It was an easy decision once we'd seen the buffet and knew that it was all for only $7.95. Perfect.

Chicken. Rice. Pasta. Beans. Salad.

What more could one ask for, for lunch?

These fried sweet plantains were especially tasty.

I enjoyed them so much, I had them with the dessert, as well!

While the fare isn't spectacular by any means, it certainly isn't bad. And it hit the spot that day. I wouldn't run back to PF everyday for lunch, but if I was back in the area and needed a nice place to sit down and not be disturbed by what can sometimes be annoying wait-staff, this is the place!

And although it certainly wasn't packed for lunch that day, it's fairly obvious that there are a few devoted patrons who have probably been frequenting Plaza Flamingo for many years.

Those who, unlike me, have not forgotten about it.

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