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Ravi Soups


322 Adelaide St W, Toronto

Cost: $10.99 (used to be $9.99) for combo (soup & half wrap)

Soups shouldn't cost more than a few bucks, right?  Wrong where Ravi soups is concerned!  But, consider it the HIGH end of soups where your soup eats like a meal...isn't that what Campbell's Chunky soup advertisers want you to believe?

At Ravi Soups your soup contains ingredients fancier than basic peas, noodles and chicken broth....instead, you will find wild rice, curried lentils, thai basil and lemongrass. 

It's ironic that we should have ended up at RaviSoups the day after my Mildred's Temple Kitchen mishap, 'cause as it turns out Ravi Kanagarajah is the former Mildred Pierce soup guru!  However, here there is none of the snootiness that MTK expansive temple was festooned with.

There is a bit of a line-up but it moves quickly as the 'to-go' soups are packaged into brown paper bags and delivered to the eagerly awaiting. 

Back at work, our soups and wraps are still piping hot and ready to be devoured.

My porcini mushroom and wild rice bisque (the only non-dairy soup on the menu) was a bit greasy looking with all the truffle oil, but looks are certainly deceiving 'cause it was deeeeeliiiiiicious! 

Very hearty with all the chunks of porcini mushrooms; overall a really nice flavour.  A little hard to digest for some me, they say porcini mushrooms can have that affect on people.

My "roasted free-range chicken with roasted yams, baby spinach, caramalized onions, tomato chutney and chipotle mayo" wrap was divine!  The combo was certainly a lot of food; I saved half my wrap for later. 

The Chicken hot pot soup - a winner according to my friend who had it.



The Corn Chowder, garnished with crab, crispy shallots and thai basil:



I have not heard a single negative thing about RaviSoups!  If you want soup, this is where to get it - it's really worth the $10-13 for lunch.  If that's a bit steep for you, I hear everything (incl. the combos) are half price on Fridays between 5 and 6pm.


Hey, Soup's on!

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