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It's a green, fresh, organic recession!

We've all heard the words GREEN, FRESH, ORGANIC and RECESSION used countless times in the last few months....I've just decided to put them all together in one sentence to get it out of the way.

With our economy having taken such a downturn as we've now come to accept, I would like to do some things differently around here.

As it is, I have a backlog of about 50 entries on restaurants that I'm still working on, but I will also be posting more RECIPES (I think home-cooking has an abundance of benefits vs. eating out) and plan on starting a 'plant-your-own' series where I will attempt to grow gardens of herbs/fruits/vegetables.  I think this is something we've all already maybe thought about doing or perhaps already started doing!  In any event, this is something I would like to take on and I invite you to hop on the recession bandwagon with me!


Happy St. Paddy's Day!