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Dark Horse Espresso Bar


215 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Cost: $3.50

I have coffee breath.

That said, a coffee junkie, I am not. Rather, I am content hanging out with the Earl. Earl Grey. In fact, I feel as though it must have been me who single handedly finished all the tea bags at Le Gourmand 'cause they were all out last week.

So, when it comes to coffee, I am a novice. I am familar with...let's see.....Nescafe...Maxwell House...Bru. Give me a 'French press' and I know not what is required of me. Until today, that is.

Dark Horse Espresso Bar really IS an espresso bar. Hardly a tea on the menu. There was English Breakfast and a 'mystery' tea (the friendly cashier explained that it was fruity) but right then I didn't care to explore that unknown territory. Instead, I felt drawn to explore even lesser known territory (for me) and chose the featured coffee on the menu, which was Ethiopian, French pressed.

If you're a coffee drinker, this will all sound awfully tiresome to you but the process of waiting 3 min and then plunging the press was all new to me.

We were told that the Ethiopian coffee would be best tried on its own, without milk or cream, at first, to really appreciate it's sweet flavour. I did, and instantly needed large doses of sugar and lactose-free milk. Then it really was sweet.

It was nice to sit back in the lounge upstairs and gaze upon the many locals who had set up camp (with laptops) at the two large communal wooden tables.

Each of them working furiously away with French presses, large mugs and little plates of delectable treats beside them.

It's only been open for a few weeks, but already DHEB has become a welcome, local hang-out for the espresso addicts in the neighbourhood.

I'll be back there soon myself. Afterall, an unsolved mystery awaits.

** Update ** Went there again last Friday, and they had a wider selection of TEAS (INCLUDING Earl Grey!) -  the teas are loose-leaf,  from David's Tea (on Queen) and generally good.  The EG wasn't the best, but it was nice to have it come in a french press.

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