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Growing up in Africa, I remember eating Nando's chicken and absolutely loving it, so when I first discovered a Nando's in the east end of the city, I was thrilled about the prospect of once again tasting the flame-grilled Peri Peri saucy chicken. Now this was pre-Foodhogger but I recall it not being as tasty as my memory had me believe...I walked away disappointed a little.

Then recently, I found a Nando's in Mississauga and those same childhood memories came flooding back; I just had to try it again. This time it did not disappoint...there was heat, there was flavour and there was plenty to go around.

The spicy fries were mighty deeelush.

The rice was nowhere near as good as it was back in my childhood days.

And there's definitely nothing spectacular about the salad...definitely could have done without it entirely!

But it's possibly the sauces that make Nando's Nando's. The sauces! First the garlic...

And then the all-important hot sauce...

The chicken was great...and we'd ordered some skewers as well...

We got a hot and a medium spiced chicken, but either they'd gotten mixed up or it was all very hot (although not hot enough for some).

All in all; satisfying and a fair recreation of my fond memories....I suppose the only thing missing was the African scenery...

Nando's Flame-Grilled Chicken on Urbanspoon

Nando's Flame-Grilled Chicken on Urbanspoon

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