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234 Wellington Street West, Toronto

Cost: $8-15

My friend who'd just moved to Toronto from Calgary treated me for lunch at this place; I'd heard many good things about the food, so I was excited to try it out.

Let me first say though, that I have yet to find a really tasty burrito. Burrito Boyz failed to impress. After three tries and various combinations, it still hasn't wowed. I'm still wondering what the fuss is about. But I digress.

Back to Quesadas...

A narrow space on the corner of  Wellington and John which outlines their ordering procedure on the far end of the wall prior to the assembly of burritos.

I ordered a small spicy chipotle chicken (hot) ($5.35) which claimed to be "tender chicken marinated in our own spicy chipotle heat".  I must confide...there was no heat in this whatsoever.

The hot sauce helped some...but  I still wanted the flavour to come from within the burrito.  Is that too much to ask?  Thank goodness for sauces!

My friend ordred the Chile-lime shrimp, "burrito in the buff" which is the burrito minus the tortilla.  AKA, a salad.

And a Tango Mango Odwalla drink:

Fully packed during lunch, the burritos must be impressing some people.  My quest for a tasty burrito however, continues...

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