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Sandwich Box


67 Richmond St W., Toronto

This is just to report that directly across from Lunchbox...our favourite frugal Chinese food spot, is this fancy sandwich-in-a-box place....which is neither frugal (unless you get the simple egg salad which is $%{{87%{{90%{{%{{dc90ee4e-724f-44f6-a28%{{c942393c-356c-4719-980d-140c7a8faa3c}}-1dd012185e69}}f6418d6-db7e-4f1e-bdc4-9b457ce48fec}}da1bc-fa1e-4e33-a809-cdeb5cdb820e}}46b71-73aa-436b-b330-6f5159730ed9}}.50) nor .....chinese.

I've yet to try it because Lunchbox always steals my lunch money, but here are some images of what my friends have gotten there.

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