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Herbal Infusions

404 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON

Just west of Spadina on Adelaide is a hidden gem of a gourmet tea shop.

While rounding up everyone for our daily tea train, it's been referred to as "that fancy new tea place" and,when they were giving away free steeped tea a couple of weeks ago, "the free tea place". :)

Well, its name is Herbal Infusions, and even if the name doesn't stick, the tea flavours will.

The wall of teas is the focal point of the the store, with black, herbal, green and white teas all neatly labeled in see-through canisters. Part of the experience is having a canister presented to you for smelling. Unlike David's tea, these teas actually taste the way they smell!

I recently had the roasted almond tea (herbal tea but with soy milk) and it was incredible!

I hate to admit that I veered away (mostly from the urging of Lurgs to try something different) from my usual Earl Grey staple to try it. I was not disappointed. Clearly Dan and the gang know their teas and how to steep them, 'cause I've never had a steeped tea that tasted so good.

Everyone there is not only super friendly but also knowledgeable about tea and skillful in preparing the perfect cup.

Other touches that make Herbal Infusions stand out from the other gourmet tea shops in the city:
their variety of sugars (cane, beet)

that add a nice touch to the teas and the delicious desserts they have on hand, which I believe are from Sweets from the Earth.

Highly recommended if you like tea!

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