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Product: Olivado Avocado Oil

One of my absolute favourite products to review has been Olivado's Avocado Oil, a Olivado Natural Nutrition product made in New Zealand.


I've been loving them so much that it's taken me almost a month to review the oils because I've not only tasted the four different varieties sent to me, we've also been cooking with the oils and concocting recipes that can now only be made using these oils.

Here are the four varieties (L-R)

Olivado Omega Plus Blended Oil, Olivado Avocado Zest Oil, Olivado Macadamia Nut Oil, Olivado Kenya Avocado Oil:

The Omega Oil is advertised as an "absolutely delicious, perfectly balanced blend of Extra Virgin Avocado, Olive and Flaxseed oils, carefully selected and blended to produce an optimal combination of Omega 9, 6, & 3 fatty acids". I've yet to have 2 teaspoons of this daily, but in a salad dressing or drizzled over fresh pasta, veggies, it's a welcome change from what used to be our usual: olive oil.

I love the Avocado Zest; it's certainly zesty, with the lemony flavour not overpowering at all. The  subtle avacado taste is evident surprisingly, and goes really well with all kinds of breads, but especially a jalapeno loaf.

It's recommend use is as "a salad dressing, a marinade, a high-heat cooking oil, a bread dipping oil, a finishing oil, or for drizzling over vegetables or seafood", which is exactly what I used it for in my latest tilapia recipe (to be shared soon!)

Foodhogger just got back from Hawaii, so macadamia nuts were had aplenty! How they translated that flavour into this oil, I don't know, but this oil is divine! Buttery in colour and taste and with a very high 450 degree F. smoke point, it's great for dipping breads, adding to salad dressings and we even used it to make crepes! YUM!

The Kenyan Organic Avocado Oil (which contains the oil of 20 Avocados!) is from Olivado's newest production facility in Nairobi, Kenya where they have 570 small farmers in an organic and fair trade program. Having cooked various dishes with this oil (great for high heat cooking!) and as a marinade and dressing, this oil has become a staple even surpassing our olive oil use!

A huge thanks to Katelyn from SP for sending us these Olivado Oils; who knew avacado had such powers? Turns out Jamie Oliver is also a fan.

Stay tuned for my newest tilapia recipe using Olivado's Avocado Zest Oil!

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