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Boston: Curly Cakes


81 Charles Street, Boston MA 02114

My girlfriends were visiting from Toronto this past weekend.  As we toured around Boston and wandered towards Boston Common on Charles St. we came across Curly Cakes.  I'd been past it before and have always wanted to visit.

We did.

Gorgeous Little Shop. Gorgeous Little Cakes.

These babies were absolutely delicious.  Each one tasting different than the last.  We got three different kinds:

Triple Chocolate (Moist buttermilk, chocolate cake with a rich ganache filling, topped with creamy chocolate buttercream and dipped in melted chocolate, dusted with Cocoa PuffTM streusel.  $3.95) Yes, THE Cocoa PUFFS!!!

Red Velvet. (A rich Southern Red Velvet Cake that combines classic cocoa and vanilla flavors, topped with velvety cream cheese frosting, dipped in melted white chocolate.  $3.95)

Boston Cream - how could you not? (Moist vanilla cake filled with rich vanilla pastry cream, topped
with chocolate buttercream and dipped in dark chocolate. $4.95)

With our lattes and coffees and teas, everything hit the spot.  Did I mention it was only lunch time?

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