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Boston: Kashmir


279 Newbury Street  Boston, MA

Not only was it packed, which is one reason we thought it might have been a good choice, but it was packed with INDIAN people, which is sometimes a good indicator of a decent Indian restaurant.  Not this time.

Kashmir has terrible, terrible indian food.

I'm from South India where we LOVE our rice to death.  Present me with old rice (where it's clumped together, with bits of rice stuck to the outside rim of the bowl?) and I'm already an unhappy camper.

Tandoori salmon, which came out looking like steamed salmon with an aside of curry to be poured over it.  How is that Tandoori salmon?  It had not a single piece of evidence of having been in a tandoor oven.  The sauce was the same as in the fish curry dish. 

Our bhatura was initially forgotten and then brought out later looking flat, which a bhatura should not be.

Veggie samosas which were filled with mashed potatoes - seriously?  

The eggplant was mushy and tasteless.  The only item we liked were the Kashmiri naans, which were quite good.  Makes sense to me now, why the place is called Kashmir. 

Add slow service and disgraceful bathrooms to round up this review.  

Oh, and when I asked to get the Kashmiri naans to go, big mistake.  The worst thing, ever, that a server can do, is to place other dishes ON TOP of the dish you've asked to take home.  Needless to say, our takeout was tossed right away.

Tell me Bostonians, where the good Indian food at?


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