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DIY: Create a 3-tier Stand

This is the best Martha Stewart idea I've ever implemented into my own parties. It's the DIY 3-tier stand for cupcakes or sandwiches!

It's ridiculously easy and looks fantastic in any table setting, especially when covered with pretty edibles. (This can also be done with paper plates, if you wish)

You will need:

3 plates of 3 sizes, large to small

2 bowls of the same size, but smaller than the plates

1. Take a large square plate, (can be square or round, I prefer square)

2. Place one bowl upside down on the 1st plate

3. Add a smaller sized plate on top of the upside down bowl

4. Repeat with remaining bowl and smallest plate, TA DA!

If that wasn't the easiest thing, ever, I don't know what is!

Add whatever fancy finger foods to each tier, and there you have a 3-tier stand!



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