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Boston Ballet: Shades of Sound

Boston Ballet: Shades of Sound

I love going behind the scenes, whether it be theater, television or movie sets, it's a thrill. So it's always an honor to be invited to a Boston Ballet dress rehearsal. Last night was the rehearsal for Shades of Sound, three works, Chroma, Episodes and Black Cake, each with brilliant choreography and magical sound..

It's something else to be at the Boston Opera House without the crowds, to be able to walk around and take in the magnificent architecture at leisure. Walking through the upstairs corridors with just the faint background sound of the the orchestra tuning up, is quite eerie, but beautiful.

And of course, being able to choose any seat in the house is truly a treat, when else does one get to do that? I always choose to sit in the front row next to the orchestra pit. I love watching the musicians tuning their instruments and practicing away, and of course, once the rehearsal begins, it's marvelous to hear the music at that distance!

Chroma is a contemporary piece, physically demanding in it's choreography and set to a superb musical score, with some familiar music (The White Stripes!) within it. I was impressed by the large orchestra set up for this performance, with both balconies filled with the extended orchestra.

My favorite of the three was the Boston Ballet premiere, Black Cake, a comedy which follows six couples at a party, in which celebratory drinking plays a role on their behavior through the evening. A wonderful piece!

Shades of Sound opens tonight March 19 and runs until March 29.


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