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Boston: Nemo, 2013

This weekend I experienced the first snowstorm since moving to Boston from Toronto. With everything shut down in the city and a driving ban in full effect, meant no New York Fashion Week for me.


It reminded me of the crazy winters of Toronto, and having a SNOW DAY (sure it was the weekend, but still!)

For me, it was a PHOTO DAY. It meant bundling up in snow pants and boots with a camera in one gloved hand and an iPhone in the other. A four hour walk with a break for lunch at the Taj, meant a LOT OF PHOTOS. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll recognize one of these, taken on Charles St. which was a winner on @IgersBoston for the best Nemo coverage in Boston, thank you Igers Boston!

I hope everyone was safe during the blizzard! Props to the city of Boston; the salt trucks, snow plows and police for being on the roads all day clearing the snow!


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