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Savannah: Alex Raskin Antiques

In gorgeous, historic Savannah, every square is surrounded by regal, magnificent homes, rich in architecture and the promise of great stories to tell.

Happening upon what looked like a run-down, deserted and "haunted" house on the corner of Monterery Square, with a sign that said "Antiques", my curiosity was instantly piqued. The door was locked, but there was a note on the door with a number to call for it to be opened. The note also stated that the home was large so it would take some time.

There was no response.

The next day however, the door was unlocked. As I pushed it open, it creaked just like a horror movie door.

But very much not like a horror movie, was the sight of an enormous front room filled to the brim with heavy pieces of antique furniture and sculptures. A perfect antique shop. With all the mystery of a haunted mansion gone, it was easier to walk in, and browse amongst the vintage furnishings.

The shop-keeper invited me to explore the other floors (3 more!), so I set off upstairs. At the top of which was a door with an instruction to "shut the door behind you"....

Join me within the walls of the historic Noble Hardee Mansion of Monterey Square...

Alex Raskin Antiques, 441 Bull St  Savannah, GA 31401

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