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Vermont: Stowe, Von Trapp Family Lodge

By show of hands..who has seen The Sound of Music? Everyone. Like, everywhere, right?

I'd always wanted to visit the Von Trapp Family home in Stowe, Vermont (read their story, here) and with Spring nearly upon us, the time was now! I'm not much of skiier but give me a good lodge and a fireplace and I'm all set.

With five of us in one car, a pair of skiis wedged between, and beautiful scenic views along the way, we took off to Stowe, Vermont.

Here, the Von Trapp Family home, and lunch and beer at the Von Trapp Deli Bakery and Brewery!

I especialy enjoyed the wall of photos outside of the gift shop, showing the family and their home. Here, THE REAL Maria von Trapp cross-country skiing!

The brewery's weekend special was the "Trapps Brand spring seasonal dry hop" beer! Verdict was that it was very good!

Of course, we sent von Trapp post cards to loved ones!

Also, the best veggie wrap, ever!

 Touristy? Of course! Still, if you're a fan of The Sound of Music, and you are in the area, it's worth a visit.

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