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296 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115

Who doesn't like things in mini sizes? Mini cupcakes, mini chocolate bars, mini Easter eggs...okay...perhaps these are not the best examples as they're all chocolate related, but, what I'm trying to say is that it's easy to indulge when the portion is mini, right?

You still get the satisfaction of having the whole thing, but it's guilt-free. Such is the deal with's all of the luxury of a full service nail salon without the big price tag, and without sacrificing cleanliness, while still offering maximum satisfaction and relaxation in a pretty salon setting.

I stopped by the MiniLuxe on Newbury recently, courtesy of my friends at Aigner/Prensky, and was treated to a wonderful warm oil pedicure and full manicure by Danh. My feet were soaked, scrubbed, oiled down and steam wrapped. It was a glorious 45 minutes of heaven and the jet-free foot tubs are much nicer and make everything feel much cleaner. Speaking of clean, all the instruments are autoclaved (pressurized steam-heated machine for sterilizing) and the other utensils are freshly opened from sealed packages. The nail files used on clients are theirs to take home after.

Here's the full MiniLuxe Menu.

Thank you Danh for pampering me and getting my nails ready to shoot this event the following day!