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65 Degrees Steakhouse

84 College Street
(416) 588-7377

Cost: $150-200

Toronto's Little Italy has just enough restaurants to properly befuddle those looking for a place to dine. In this case, "those" meaning us. We knew what we were looking for. Somewhere not too crowded, somewhere romantic and somewhere with a solid menu...but after a good amount of trekking back and forth in the rain, our growling stomachs took charge and we settled on 65 Degrees Steakhouse.

I kind of wish we had kept walking...or starved.

Our check list?  Not too crowded. Check. Romantic. Chec---er...what's with the giant big-screen TVS?  Solid menu?  We must have really been hungry.

We were certain we wanted seafood of some form and the lobster gnocchi came highly recommended so that, along with a Halibut dish is what we chose.

The photographs are terrible, I admit, however, I don't feel entirely bad about them being poor representations of the food.

Lobster gnocchi

The lobster gnocchi wasn't unpalatable by any means, however, it wasn't mouthwatering either.


I'm a huuuuuge fan of fish. And spice. There's nothing better than spicy, flavourful fish.  This was far from spicy OR flavourful.

Dark and white chocolate cheesecake

I've had better chocolate cheesecake packaged in a cardboard box purchased from Dominion to be honest, so this was definitely nothing memorable.

A lychee martini and a glass of red (I wonder if it was served at 65 degrees?) rounded off a very passable meal. If only we had passed on this place.

****Update***** 65 Degrees has closed down.

65 Degrees Steak House in Toronto

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