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Latitude Wine Bar and Grill


89 Harbord Street
Toronto, ON M5S 1G4
(416) 928-0926

Cost: $100+ for two

Latitude is one of those hidden gems you find every once in a while. This one is tucked away on the South side of Harbord Street, just West of Spadina.

The owner, Eduardo Barillo has created an ambiance perfect for romance...the orange walls and dimly lit interior is warm and inviting and Eduardo himself is most welcoming. It seems to be a family run affair with a young gentleman who looks to be Eduardo's son taking our order, but not after Dad has expressed precisely what is on the menu so that you are thoroughly confused as to what to order.

We finally decide to try the pomegranate chicken and spicy salmon and are pleased with our selections as they arrive (albeit after a long wait) hot and mouth-watering.

The chicken/green pepper/pomegranate dish is incredibly tasty...the pomegranate adding fresh bursts of sweetness to the tender flaky chicken which is tucked into succulent cases of green capsicum.

The spicy salmon is not spicy enough for my palate but is still flavourful, complimented by the light mixed green salad and vinegary dressing drizzled decoratively on the plate.

For dessert we pick the 'home-made' ice cream cake on Eduardo's recommendation. It's perfect for splitting in two and is absolutely divine! Sadly, there's none left to take home!

By this time we're completely stuffed and ready to roll into bed, but not until Eduardo has a cordial chat with us and graciously helps us into our coats. He treats us as if we are his own who will be missed until the next visit.

It's evident that Latitude dishes out Mexican fusion with as much love as one would find back home.

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