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Patisserie La Cigogne


1626 Bayview Avenue, Toronto

Cost: under $10 for a pastry or mini cake

One of my very good friends (with very dependable tastebuds) took us to this charming cafe over the weekend. It's called Patisserie La Cigogne and it opened on Bayview Avenue in June of 2003.

Thierry Schmitt, the master pastry chef (whose fault it is that our mouths water and our hips widen) studied in Alsace (northeast of France) , which is an area known for "la cigogne" or "the stork", hence the name of the bakery. He is indeed a master at what he does for these sweets are delectable and gorgeously fashioned.

The "Africa" is described as follows:

"Hazelnut mousse with walnut biscuit that is soaked in rum and finished in dark chocolate."

Tell me your mouth didn't water just a little bit (or a lot) after reading and seeing that! It was glorious...a joy. I'm not ashamed to say I savoured every bite!

This here is the "Paradise".

"An orange flavoured chocolate mousse with Grand Marnier Crème Brlûée filling, finished with sprayed chocolate."

I wouldn't dare call it any other name! It was indoubtedly paradise.

Our friend insisted that the croissants at Patisserie La Cigogne are the best in the city. And we all agreed. Flaky, buttery, savoury....oooh, they were to die for!

I instantly sprang up from my seat when I saw that there were only a couple of Paradises left! I didn't want to miss out on taking one of those home with me. I packed two more croissants to go, as well. I hear the croque madams/monsieurs and the quiches are all very very good, too!

With its cosy and old school decor, Patisserie La Cigogne certainly makes you feel as though you're in a magnificent cafe in France! It's as close to that country as I'll get for now, so I'll take as many trips as I can get!

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