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Boudin Sourdough (Bakery & Cafe), San Francisco, CA

4 Embarcadero Center
Justin Herman Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94111

Cost: $25 for two

Our first food stop in San Francisco after a delayed flight, a miscommunication at the hotel about free breakfast and having eaten nothing but a green apple in the last few hours, was the Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe.

Our view of Embarcadero square, and the Ferry Building was lovely and we would have sat outside if it hadn't been so chilly!

I'm not a fan of tough breads. Especially those that require more than just teeth to separate. Sourdough is that type of bread.

Still, I thought, why not try a famous Boudin Sourdough sandwich? So we ordered the chicken pesto in a sourdough roll, the turkey avacado croissant and the waldorf salad (only because the Waldorf Salad episode of Fawlty Towers was so fresh in our memories).

Chicken Pesto ($6.49) - chicken, tomatoes, arugula, pesto mayo, vinaigrette, sourdough roll

After the famous San Francisco sourdough roll, I'm still not a fan of tough breads. I hate having to wrestle with me foods. The croissant, on the other hand, was flaky and soft, and just what my jaw needed: a much deserved break.

Turkey Avocado ($6.49) - turkey breast, harvarti cheese, avacado, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, croissant

Again, nothing fancy, and something we'd make for lunch.

Waldorf Chopped ($7.29) - chicken, dried cranberries, apples, celery, swiss & smoked mozzarella cheese, spiced walnuts, honey mustard dressing

Apart from some overly doused, soggy lettuce leaves and rock-hard sourdough side, the waldorf salad was quite good albeit a bit too "spicy". There must have been some horse-radish in the honey mustard dressing as well.

Overall, Boudin was just okay. Nothing we couldn't have made at home. So much for our start to good great San Francisco eats!

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