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Jumbo Hairpanada


245 Augusta Ave., Toronto

Cost: under $15 for two empanadas, a drink and a pastry.

What is that hairy toy you smack around to get the candy out? Piñata! That's right!

But I digress.

Perhaps Jumbo Empanada should be renamed Jumbo Hairpanada.

We started with lunch at Jumbo Empanada and ordered the chicken and veggie empanadas and an alfajor. We wanted the chilean salad too, but Irene (owner) was busy and she said she was low on staff that day. Disappointment numero uno.

What was numero two-o? Yes, yes, numero dos? Discovering a hair baked into the alfajor. Irene was "good" enough to exchange it.

The replaced alfajor. Made out of condensed milk and biscuits/pastry (correct me if I am wrong).

The empanadas were tasty as was the salsa (although not hot enough for my taste - we asked for extra hot sauce and were told that the salsa was it).

Sorry foodies, this salsa isn't that good. Wait till you read about the salsa at Eggs n' Things in Oahu,, THAT'S salsa!

The VEGGIE Jumbo Empanada...pretty JUMBO, wouldn't you say?

The inside of the VEGGIE Jumbo Empanada.

The CHICKEN Jumbo Empanada.

The inside of the CHICKEN Jumbo Empanada.

Then I discovered another hair baked into my chicken empanada crust. Yum.

Disappoinment numero tres.

That was the end of that.

That's TWO hairs.

I wasn't aware hair was an ingredient!

On the way back to work, we passed by Miss Cora's Kitchen and saw the desserts in the window and the pesto chicken pizza scribbled on the blackboard inside and since I was still hungry, we went in......let's just say it was so good that I have to save the FULL review for next time!

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