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Caffe Greco

423 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA

Cost: Items range from $1.85 (water) to $7.95 (panini)

Caffe Greco was another place we had walked past on the way to Union Square with the intention of coming back.  

So, on Day 2 when we were looking for a place to have coffee, I was determined to find "the place with the posters" and we turned our noses on many other cafes in search of it, all the while ignoring our tired calves and thirsty throats.   When we finally found Caffe Greco, and squeezed into the last corner window spot, and rested our aching feet on the worn wooden floors, with this view...all our effort was without a doubt, worth it.

With high ceiling fans and art nouveau playing fancifully on the cream-coloured walls to jumbo glass canisters filled with delectable treats and an open 'book' menu behind the counter, this place embodies everything that is caffe Italia.

Around since '88, Caffe Greco serves homemade (and award-winning, according to their website) tiramisu (I'm happy to say we tried it, and it's simply the best tiramisu I've ever had!), cannoli and gelato.


We also had a chai caffe latte ($4.25/5.75) which is a tea AND coffee latte.....and it was absolutely heavenly...a definite MUST-HAVE if you're ever in North Beach.  My usual Earl Grey ($2.50), was divine and fared well with the large square of moist, creamy succulent tiramisu ($4.75) was so good, I wish the inside of my mouth were made of it!

Wooden chairs that creak with good use, illy coffee tins, leather benches and familiar wall hangings all gather together to make Caffe Greco a really warm and popular home for locals (I know it looks empty, but everyone happened to be either, out of shot, sitting outside or in the other room when I captured this photo).

Caffe Greco, I miss you. We'll be back again, someday.  If you live in SF, and haven't been....what on earth are you waiting for?  I'm so jealous.

Caffe Greco in San Francisco

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