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Osha Thai Noodle, San Francisco, CA


696 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA

Tel: 415.673.2368

This was still Day 1 of our San Francisco trip, and let me tell you, after walking for something like 8 hours since lunch, we were starving by the time we got to Osha (which was just below our hotel and meant a [thankfully] short journey to bed).

We had actually passed on Osha in favour of Boudin at lunchtime thinking we'd try Osha for dinner, and good thing we did because it was the perfect way to finish off the day!

Our server was incredibly polite with our indecisive palate and answered our numerous questions on what was recommended with much thought and patience, which totally paid off when our drinks and meal arrived!

Pinot Noir: Mark West, Sonoma, 2006

Salmon pineapple skewers with pepper glaze

The salmon pineapple skewers were hands down the BEST skewers I've ever had! Yes, we were starving and lunch had been mediocre, but really, they were THAT good (and I can't stand cilantro and it was covered in the green stuff!) It was incredibly tasty and a very filling appetizer! Four skewers instead of two? What generous portions!

After much deliberation with our server on which were the spiciest dishes, we settled for the pumpkin curry and pan fried crab and prawn spaghetti.

Goodness gracious me! We hadn't even finished our appetizer before our entrees arrived (and the restaurant was quite busy!)

Pumpkin Curry Chicken - Kabocha pumpkin, chicken and bell pepper in red curry sauce topped with crispy yam

Spaghettis stir fried with prawns and crab and tomato, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, Chinese broccoli, bell pepper, onion, basil and fresh chili

Yum! Yum! Finally, a GREAT San Francisco EAT! The pumpkin curry was indescribably savoury....the crunchy yams added another height of flavour to the aromatic and oh so exquisite red curry. The only negative (and really, not so negative) point was that we'd have liked more white rice to finish the curry with!

The spaghetti was fresh and tasty. The various ingredients worked very well together and wasn't pad-thai-ish or ketchupy.

Not even half-way through we were completely stuffed and still had heapings left on the table and nowhere to take them! How I would have loved to have had those left-overs the next day, I tell you!

Osha Thai Noodle Cafe in San Francisco

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