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Desserts from Le G


152 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Cost: $4.99 each

Le Gourmand undoubtedly has the best chocolate chip (and walnut) cookie in Toronto...and we've already certified that their chocolate bombs are da bomb, but they also carry some fancy desserts in the window behind the cash register which, until recently, I hadn't tried.  **Note, these are from Rahier Patisserie (1586 Bayview Avenue, Toronto) and not made at Le G.

Top left: Coconut and white chocolate - the best of the lot.

Top right: dark chocolate and hazelnut with pistachio on top - kind of dry.

Bottom right: Opera cake - dry and a bit bland. 

Bottom left: caramel mousse- moist and not too sweet, but quite good.

Overall though, they looked great adorned with sparklers as a birthday cake.

Recipe: Pan-roasted Spiced Corn Salad

House of Gourmet