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Wanda's Belgian Waffles


331 Yonge Street, Toronto

I love that this is called a cafe, yet there's barely enough standing room for two! Meant to be more of a street vendor (order through the window) this little 'cafe' serves up the best waffles I've ever had from the street! Forget morning breakfasts and brunches, you can pick up a tasty hot waffle after a horrible dinner at Salad King and be totally content.

Run by a father and son team:

I've read some complaints about the sanitary conditions of the joint (not washing hands after taking money) but when we went and as you can see in the pics, gloves were worn throughout.

Sure it's a bit messy and gooey if you order the ice-cream and strawberries on top, or if you wait a bit too long to eat it (like in our case but still damn tasty!):

I'd say it's a marvellous way to grab a fun treat split between friends!

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