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Grand Opening: Compass Lakeside Grill & Lounge


2340 Ontario Street, Oakville

So I was invited to attend the VIP Grand Opening of the latest waterfront resto in Bronte's Harbour:  Compass Lakeside Grill & Lounge.

When we arrived just after 8pm, Compass was out of food so I can't make any judgments on that however I can comment on the drinks and service.

At the bar, after waiting for quite some time, I requested a glass of Cookoothama wine and was told that it wasn't being served that night but two seconds later it was served to someone else! Awesome.

Then we asked for a regular coke and a rye & coke. What we received was a watered down coke (so much so that it didn't taste like coke at all) and a scotch and coke. They served us Grant's Whisky (scotch) instead of Canadian Club (rye) which was the brand of rye we specifically asked for. Thanks.

The view from the restaurant is amazing, overlooking the Bronte Harbour.

Likewise, the patio is quite nice with the large windows giving a clear view of the interior of the restaurant from outside.

So much so that we witnessed the martini guy conjuring up the martinis by dipping his bare hands into the jar of olives. Classy.

After a few perfunctory photographs of the dull blue and brown interior we were out of there.



Where did we go eat after?

Thai Senses.

Where we got some actual food and attentive service.

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