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Vinny Massimo's Pizza & Pasta


1130 Queen Street West, Toronto

I'm beginning to think all I eat is pizza and thai food.

Anyway, Massimo's I'd heard about.  A friend claimed the gnocchi was to die for there.  Then there was that fire etc., etc.

Now, it's called Vinny Massimo's and I wouldn't know about the gnocchi; we just had the pizza.

To be honest, it didn't even look like one could order anything other than pizza...the place was empty and there were just two lone pizza pies slices in the display case.

"Er....we'll have the....margherita one and the one that looks like a margherita with tomatoes".

They were essentially both the same pizza, the only difference  were the tomatoes.

Case in point, exhibit A:

Exhibit A: One with tomatoes

Still exhibit A, with a shot of Brio

And Exhibit B: no tomatoes but everything else appears to be virtually the same.

Exhibit B: No tomatoes

Great crispy crust, but overall really greasy pizza. Not too impressive.  Makes me want to post up my long overdue Pizza Libretto review.

And Brio tastes like medicine, who drinks this stuff?!

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