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How to etc

I've been swamped at work and with photography stuff (that I can't wait to share with you!) and haven't been able to post as frequently as I'd like.


Also, in the last couple of days we went to The Wine Bar, Jump (again) and The Host and I can't wait to share my reviews with you as soon as can!


In the meantime, here are some other food related coolness-es :


A friend just sent this to me:


How to make perfect thin and crisp french fries -  How awesome is this!?!


We had gulab jamun stuffed with dark chocolate at The Host yesterday, so I was curious to find a recipe online and found this.  Yummo!


I had a craving for fat cakes the other day (I grew up in Africa and have had this delicious snack for breakfast).  Here's a wonderful recipe from Food, Fun & Farm Life in East Africa.


Toronto Life's Best New Restos of 2010


Ming Makes Cupcakes - such gorgeous ones, too!

Boston Pizza

Vinny Massimo's Pizza & Pasta