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Boston Blogger Holiday Fiesta!

Alison and Katy Rose organized a kick a$$ holiday fiesta in Boston's Mass Ave Tavern on December 14 2011! It was lovely to meet a bunch of talented Boston Bloggers in a casual setting with complimentary appetizers and fun goodie bags provided by the the SwapaholicsEventBrite and Pretzel Crisps.

Thanks guys for putting on a fantastic and fun-filled holiday soiree! Can't wait for the next one! 

Our lovely organizers, Katy Rose from Modly Chic + Alison from Long Distance Loving

Brittany from Brilliance Of B

Najeema from A Stylized Hysteria

Maria from Thread the Needle and Hannah from Chill Air & Perfume

Laura from A Little Bit of Lacquer

Danielle from Antiquated Treasures + Anna from Dear Friend Blog

Danielle from Antiquated Treasures

Clair from Finding Clarity and Emily from So Anthro

Sarah from Hemingway Street

A Stylized Hysteria's finger bling

Ladies who happened to at the Tavern and are now inspired to start blogging, soon - Melissa from Salon Red & Spa, Mariama, visual merchandising supervisor at Bloomingdales, Chestnut Hill & their friend.

Najeema & Kacy from Height Of Style

Najeema's hand accessories, again. :)

As captured by Kacy, thanks Kacy!

Holly from Covetous Creatures

For more awesome recaps of the event, be sure to check out: Modly ChicChill Air & PerfumeMs. City Fit's Blog and A Stylized Hysteria's Flickr Page!

Merry Christmas, 2011!

Mindy Kaling Book Signing