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Mindy Kaling Book Signing

If you've checked out my "Links" page, you'll notice that I list them under "Blogs I've Read that I Like"; an ode to Mindy Kaling's "Things I've Bought That I Love", which has since been resurrected into "The Concerns of Mindy Kaling".  Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere, you're aware that Mindy, not only an accomplished writer, producer, director and the actress we best know as Kelly Kapoor in The Office, has also recently published a book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns)."

The book is hilarious, heartfelt and had me bursting out into laughter throughout.  

When Mindy tweeted to the world that she'd be at Harvard Book Store for a reading and signing of her book on Dec 5, she caused the site to crash leaving many of us unable to purchase tickets to the event. 

Taking place at the Brattle Theatre, some of us who were not lucky enough to get tickets, waited in the rush line and as we waited, Mindy strolled by with a smile.  Most of us were rendered speechless by her presence and soon the moment was gone. Then we found out we couldn't get in as the theatre was at capacity with those who had tickets.  Disappointed, most of the people in our line decided to leave.  

Except for the three of us.

I met Sailaja and Torey.  Sailaja had been waiting since 3:20pm and was fuh-reezing.  The three of us decided to wait it out in the hopes that they'd let us in for the book signing part, at least.  

An hour or so later, they did.  

We got to meet her, tell her about our wait in line, tell her about our blogs and got this photo.

I also love that Mindy's holding my card in the photo I took of her, which gives me hope that she may see this post, someday.

Be sure to hop on over to Brown Girl Magazine for a recap from Sailaja's POV.  

Here are the photos from the event.  

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