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Vancouver: Capilano Suspension Bridge

I used to be terrified of heights, but have been overcoming my fear with rollercoasters, rock-climbing and now, traipsing over the Capilano Suspension Bridge in British Columbia (also the longest and highest suspension bridge in the world)!

It was a lot sturdier than I thought, and our little introductory tour of the site helped...especially knowing that it's no longer made out of hemp rope and cedar planks!

The Capilano (First Nations name Kia'palano, meaning "beautiful river") bridge crosses over the Capilano River, 70 metres (230 ft) above and 140 metres (460 ft) across, and has since been rebuilt with steel cables anchored into 114 tons of concrete. They say it can carry 1333 people. 

But it still sways. Very much, so.

(Too bad Instagram video didn't exist a couple of weeks ago, that would have been perfect!)

The new edition to the other end of the bridge is the Treetop Adventure, various smaller suspension bridges created in 2004 that allow you to trek through the trees with a birds-eye view of all the beautiful age-old greenery that Vancouver is known for. It started raining a little, but we couldn't even tell for the lush canopy overhead.

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