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Greece: Athens, Plaka at Night

We arrived in Athens just as the sun was setting (note, NYC isn't the only city with yellow cabs, and Mercedes Benzes, no less), checked in and went out for dinner (getting our recommendation from a group of cops at a corner!). They were spot on; it was absolutely delicious! Walking around the beautiful shopping district of Plaka was surreal to me, as Greece has been at the top of my travel list, forever. Plaka is a lovely, albeit touristy area, with cobblestone pathways, darling open air restaurants and charming residences and shops. Athens reminded us a lot of Bombay, a bit busy, a tad grimy, but we loved it. It has the tastiest olives and the friendliest locals. Couldn't ask for much more, and I didn't even mention it's incredible history (yes, that's one of the corners of the Acropolis, that's nestled within Plaka that we spotted on our walk around Plaka). Could not even contain my excitement. More to come! 

Greece: Athens, The Acropolis Museum

Throwback Monday: Greece!