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Greece: Ferry to Mykonos

The next morning we were off to Mykonos via Hellenic Seaways' high speed ferry, which took about 4-5 hours includinng stops along the way at smaller islands. We boarded from Piraeus in Athens. If you see vendors selling breads and pastries that look tasty, pass. They were quite disappointing. The food on the ferry is equally tasteless. The journey itself wasn't uncomfortable, however there were some hiccups with seating arrangements and a huge delay when we returned to Athens from Santorini, but that may have been due to the taxi strike at the time. However on the way to Mykonos from Athens, excitement prevailed over anything worth complaining about. And the views from the outdoor deck of the various islands were phenomenal.



Greece: Mykonos, Hotel St. John

Greece: Athens: Fallen