Tea With: Arzoo, in NYC



Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter II, 156 E 64th St, Manhattan, NY 10065

Isn't it funny how Instagram brings people together?

I "met" Arzoo more than a year ago through Instagram; through our mutual admiration for Jamie Beck.

Arzoo is the creative mind behind Scraps of My Love, a lifestyle blog chronicling her life with her husband in Washington, DC (a place I've always wanted to visit) but a recent work opportunity took them both to NYC, which was where she and I were destined to meet in real life.

We sat down for a delightful tea at Alice's Tea Cup and I must say, Arzoo is the absolute LOVELIEST.

Be sure to check out her adventures from her month long stay in the Big Apple, they're marvelous.

And join us for a cuppa...won't you?

My reader's probably don't know that I was a complete nerd growing up! I had braces for the majority of my middle school/high school years, oversized glasses that were much too large for my face, and a staple 50 pound bookbag filled with textbooks and binders that I would take with me everywhere! Haha!

Currently, I'm completely smitten by New York City (aren't we all?), so that would have to be my choice, for now at least!


Getting to sleep in a bit, then a hearty brunch with the husband and a walk through a beautiful park on an autumn day with a camera at hand. And to end the day with a good film before bed would be nothing short of perfect!


Getting to meet and be inspired by so many new and talented people! The friendships and connections that we form through social media (like this one!) are definitely the highlight for me... and then having the opportunity to meet those wonderful people who inspire so much is just the icing on the cake! 


Oooh, this one is kind of hard... Hm, I think I'm pretty easygoing for the most part but I am pretty attached to my phone so that would definitely be one of the five.



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Rockport, MA: Roy Moore Lobster Co.


39 Bearskin Neck, Rockport, MA 01966

A recent trip to Rockport immediately made me crave lobster rolls, which, in the past in Boston has been good but not as exciting as I would have anticipated.

So, as we walked by Roy Moore's in Rockport, the staff was tossing some fresh lobster meat to a couple of friendly dogs who were being walked by their owners and I literally wanted a piece of that action.

At $15 for a small lobster roll, the off-season prices are perhaps quite steep, but the experience of sitting outside (they even put down some paper on the bench) in the slight drizzle, eating a delicious, fresh lobster roll in March was priceless.



Recipe: French Toast Two Ways


So I like my French Toast sweet while my husband likes his salty.

So we make them two ways


  • Day old French Bread or Challah Bread works the best
  • 2 Eggs
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 2 tbs Milk
  • 1 tbs Oil for pan

Slice the bread thickly

Whip eggs, salt, pepper and milk together.

Dip bread into batter on both sides and place onto hot oiled pan.

Cook until both sides are golden brown and center is cooked.

Serve with ketchup


  • Day old French Bread or Challah Bread works the best (raisin bread is also good)
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 tbs Orange Juice
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Essence
  • 2-3 Cardomom pods crushed or ground up in a grinder
  • 1 tb Milk (some extra for glazing)
  • Sugar (for glazing)

Slice the bread thickly

Whip eggs, orange juice, vanilla essence, crushed cardomom and milk together.

Dip bread into batter on both sides and place onto hot oiled pan.

Sprinkle some sugar on top before flipping over. Do the same (sprinkle with sugar) on the other side.

Cook until both sides are golden brown and you have a good glaze.


  • Frozen bag of berries, heated on the stove with a bit of water, heat until it becomes a sauce, add powdered sugar when serving.


  • Real Maple Syrup
  • I know, talk about a sugar high! 

There you have it, French Toast Two Ways, salty and sweet.

How do you like your French Toast? Salty or Sweet?


Savannah: Paris Market Cafe


36 W Broughton St Savannah, GA 31401

Savannah is one of those places that has incredibly delicious food, the most friendly of locals and lots of lovely quaint shops. I'd never heard about The Paris Market before, so visiting the shop was a special treat. I think I might have spent a good afternoon perusing the beautiful merchandise and sipping tea (and of course, a cookie) at the lovely little cafe....


Savannah: Back in the Day Bakery


2403 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 

One thing at the very top of my Savannah list of places to visit was the Back in the Day Bakery. I'd seen it on Jamie Beck's blog and she highly recommended it on the list of must-sees she gave me.

On a rainy day it was an amazing, indulging breakfast pit stop.

I mean, biscuits and jam? I could have those every day.

(Also, who knew that I could have been sitting so close to one of my Instagram connections - wow, small world!)


Boston: Pauli's


65 Salem St, Boston, MA 02113

The North End of Boston is one of my favorite parts of this city, it's great for photoshoots and of course, for the food. So, I couldn't believe I had never been to Pauli's before.

Guys, it really is WICKED fresh and CRAZY GOOD!!

The lobster grilled cheese sandwich was not only massive, it was chockful of fresh and huge chunks of LOBSTAH and lots of melted cheesy-goodness (don't worry, I Lactaid-ed myself out).

The catchy "Pauli-tician" sandwich caught my eye, for it's name and for its ingredients (chicken cutlet, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar). Those are my must-haves for literally everything, plus, it's approved by Paul himself! I could eat it again, right now.

Another not to be missed sandwich is the Vito. Why? Because it was created by the "Vito" from The Sopranos.

That's right.

Looking for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Pauli and his team have got you covered. If that's not enough, they also have a full catering menu, as well. Want to order online for delivery? They've got you covered there, as well. I knew the battery powered bikes were there for a reason!

And the team there? They're awesome!

Thank you Paul and the team for treating us to an incredible dinner!

Cambridge: Beat Hotel


13 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA (below The Gap in Harvard Square)

It takes a certain type of restaurant to get me out on a weeknight after work in this city. The Beat Hotel is that type of restaurant. A grand opening party at a bohemian American brasserie inspired by the Beat generation of the 50s Paris, with live music and cockails named "Electric Sidecar"? Well, the food was just the icing on the cake at that point.

The restaurant features live music e'ry night with jazz, blues and world adding to the bohemian vibe. This night we were treated to Kate McGarry along with Steve Santoro and the Tim Ray trio.

Throughout the evening, our host and co-owner Bertil Jean-Chronberg suggested a variety of American artisanal wines and craft beers to complement the items on the menu. 

Serving a very eclectic menu of seasonal dishes to tempt both the carnivorous palate as well as the herbavore, our table covered the entire spectrum.

We began the evening with flavorful craft cocktails; my favorite was the American Breed, complete with Maker's Mark and St. Edler's elderflower liqueur and apple cider...it felt like the perfect drink for an Autumn evening.

We started with a slew of appetizers, spanning the entire table. A must-try dish is the Hamachi (yellowtail) Sashimi, served on avocado, sambal and black olives...literally melts in your mouth.

There was crispy calamari and tempura veggies, crispy tuna spring rolls, a bohemian platter of hummus, cheese, veggies, pickles, enough for everyone to share.

If that wasn't filling enough, we moved onto our mains, I decided on the 1/2 roasted natural chicken with frites, mustard jus and pickes, generous in portion and robust in flavor.

The Tandoori spiced halibut with lentils and cucumber raita was a tasty alternative to the chicken, and the Earth Bowls (options vary from vegan, shrimp, chicken, steak and salmon) are yet another satisfying choice.

Don't get me started on the desserts...the bread pudding is to die for.

It's the best when you can share in a food experience with food lovers, and amongst these, at my table it was great to meet Tiffany and see Elizabeth who I hung out with in Miami!

If you're looking for a lively spot to wine and dine with live music every night, be sure to check out the calendar at The Beat Hotel.

Thank you to The Beat Hotel for treating us to an incredible evening in Harvard Square.

All photographs ©Hogger & Co., processed with VSCO Film 04

Product: TILDA Basmati Rice

We have this joke about how I love me some rice. There's normal portions of rice and then my portion of rice (imagine, if you will, a pyramid).

It's ridiculous because it's TRUE.

And Tilda's Basmati is rice royalty. Fluffy, long-grained, and non-sticky.

I was ecstatic to collaborate with Tilda on their latest two minute rice packets.

I opened this one up right way and literally two minutes later, pilau (indian masala-spiced rice) was standing up to the other indian dishes on my plate, dishes that took way longer than two minutes, mind you!

If you've ever cooked rice on the stove or in a rice cooker, you know it doesn't take two minutes. And this is no Uncle Ben's two minute rice, this is gourmet, fluffy, long-grained, no-preservatives, BASMATI rice.

It's portioned to serve two (one, if you're talking about me).

I can't even tell you how pumped I am about this product. The other packets didn't last long enough to even try various recipes, I was just happy eating them as is.

And excellent addition to the pantry, well worth having, and so tasty, you may just start eating rice like me.

Recipes to try with Tilda's Steamed Rice Pilau: Tilapia Curry and Indian Style Beets.


TEA WITH: Ana + Alaina at Tatte


318 3rd St, Cambridge, MAI had the pleasure of having tea with these two lovelies recently, after a wonderful afternoon at this place.

Here we are at Tatte Bakery, one of the cutest bakeries in Kendall Square. A bakery that is not new to my Instagram feed!

As part of a new series, here I am having tea with Ana and Alaina.

Vancouver: Nuba


207 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC


When Melanie recommends something (like best poutine in Montreal), she's right on the money. Nuba was no different.

Scrumptious down to the last swipe of hummus and I guarantee you, there was a final sweep of that hummus!

You can create your own juice combo from Orange, Lime, Apple, Beet, Ginger, Carrot, Celery or Grapefruit. Ours consisted of Apple, Ginger and Celery and was deeeelicious. I'm always a little wary of what is claimed to be "fresh juice" especially when it involves ginger which as you know, aids in digestion, sometimes a little too well, if you get my drift?

I digress.

Everything was fresh, the meat is halal, there are vegetarian options and vegan options, making the food a healthy alternative while still being incredibly filling and satisfying.

Yikes, my mouth is watering. Again.

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